mermaid blanket fund raiser

One of our students, Madlyn, will be making and selling mermaid/shark tail blankets, as a fundraiser for her band trip. These can be either regular or weighted (to help with sensory, autism, adhd...).
We are also doing this to allow families who would like a weighted blanket, but might not be able to afford one, the chance to have one for a very reasonable price.

Prices are
- Regular mermaid/shark tail blanket $40
- Weighted mermaid/shark tail/flat blankets $55 base price plus $5/pound needed (weighted blankets need 10% body weight + 1-2 lbs for kids & 10% or less for adults).

If interested please follow this link to fill out a form and contact us for payment:

Fabric Options


1. robots 2. stars 3. Ice cream 4. rainbow clouds 5. sharks

Fleece (can be up to 58" wide)

6. dark blue 7. hearts (light weight) & white buffalo plaid

Mermaid/Shark Tail

9. green 10. pink 11. silver 12. purple