Sewing Skills Workshop

Do you have some sewing basics down and are now looking to expand your skill?

Have you been sewing for awhile, but are still apprehensive to take on a more detailed project?

Is your sewing space limited, and you would like to work in a fully stocked studio?

Then the SEWING SKILLS WORKSHOP is for you!

This flexible class allows you to come work on your projects in our studio with a knowledgeable instructor to assist you as you build your sewing skills.

Our specialty is in garment construction, but we can help with any project you are working on. Need help following that pattern, putting in a zipper or button hole? Or maybe you would like to take advantage of our cutting mats and cutters, or specialty sewing feet? We want you to be successful in your sewing pursuits, and will help you all along your way. Bring your own pattern, or choose a pattern from our pattern library to use in the studio.

We know you are busy, so that's why we make our classes as flexible as possible. You pick the dates which work best for you. Week night classes run from 7:15-8:45pm, and Weekend classes run from 1:30-3:00pm. See the calendar below for dates.

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