Virtual Private Sewing Session

We are offering one-on-one online sewing sessions while our regular classes are cancelled due to COVID-19. You do not need to be in Saint John, NB!

What will these sessions look like?

Students will connect with an instructor via skype (preferred) or FB messenger video and have a 1.5 hr session where they can work on a project or skill with the instructor right there to clarify any questions. 

Types of things we can help with:

  • Reading and understanding your pattern/tutorial.
  • Tutorial of your sewing machine or serger, how to set it up for sewing, and understanding all the parts.
  • Walk you through a specific sewing technique (sewing darts, gathering stitches, putting in a zipper).
  • Anything sewing related, try us!

Cost: $25/1.5hr session. Sessions are scheduled Mon-Fri 10:30am-12:00pm

Instructor: Jacquie Woodruff

Tips for making the most of your session:

  • Have an idea before the session starts of what your goals will be, and let us know what those goals are at least 24 hrs before the session.
  • Send some pictures of your pattern/tutorial instructions and or anything else that you think will be useful to the instructor 24 hrs before your session so the instructor has time to review them. Send pictures through fb messenger to our fb page.
  • If possible, have one device for the virtual session, and a 2nd device for taking and sending pictures throughout the session (the instructor may ask to see a specific pattern piece)
  • Have everything you need set up and ready to go (i.e. sewing machine, iron, all your paper pattern pieces available, pen & paper for notes)

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 Check out Sandy's experience with the class

"Jacquie and I did a full 1 1/2-hour virtual sewing class. It was amazing how similar it was to being at the studio in an actual class. We would review the pattern steps and I would get guidance for what to do. Then I would go and sew or iron or do what was required. When I was ready for the next step, I would reconnect with her.

In a class at the studio it would be just like that, the only difference was that when I am off doing my sewing after Jacquie’s guidance, she would be helping another student in the class. Then when I required more guidance, she would physically be there to help me out again.

It really was a great way to keep going to Jacquie’s incredible sewing academy. We may currently be unable to go out and do our hobbies in our traditional format because of COVID-19. This really lightened the day for me. We need to be able to keep our favourite hobbies going and I highly recommend trying out the virtual sewing class!"

Sandy Webster 


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