Our Instructors

Meet Our Instructors

Jacquie Woodruff (owner/teacher) is a self-taught sewist who loves to take on a challenge, which was evident when she decided to make her own prom dress. In the years that have followed she has consistently honed her sewing skills by making beautiful, unique, and ambitious projects, including self-drafted prom dresses, toys, and costumes. She loves garment construction and is very intrigued by how clothing is drafted and put together. She loves the creative process and sharing her sewing knowledge with others, especially when she sees the joy others get from making something on their own. She is always learning and increasing her skills, and if there is something you want to learn that she is not quite knowledgeable about yet, she would love to learn with you.

 Cheryl Bezanson (afterschool/homeschool workshops) is a retired Elementary school teacher of 30 years. She learned to sew on an old treadle sewing machine, and was fortunate to have a mother who sewed a great deal. She continued  learning in Home Economics in school. During her teaching career she often brought her sewing machine into the class, where simple instructions lead to quite pretty plastic shopping bag holders. None of the children had ever used a machine or an iron. "Thanks to  Jacquie Woodruff and the Saint John Sewist Academy, I am now teaching again. Being able to return to the classroom and teach simple sewing skills to students is a pleasure. I hope that each child will be inspired to continue this important  life skill."